Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with Your God

Oh momma I am sorry I'm not there with you right now... February 9th seems so far away and I am worried for you. It hurts to know you are hurting and you're scared and yes even a little confused. This brain tumor you are fighting is such unknown territory for you and your children and we seem to continually fall short of knowing what is best for you. How do we ensure you are safe, how do we calm your fears... how do we grasp what this all means and understand what is happening to you. How much of your symptoms are from the tumor or from the new medicines they have you on and how much is simply you falling apart.... because this is all... just too much... to emotionally process.

I'm not there and I don't understand all that is happening to you, but Momma I pray for you and I know our Savior understands and is there with you. I pray you sense His presence, I pray you hear His small still voice speaking peace and comfort to you. I pray you see His goodness in all the medical staff and family and friends that are surrounding you and that are there for you... I pray you feel Jesus holding you up, strengthening you and gently catching your tears.

I pray you also understand and know that Jesus cares for Pop and He is caring for him back on the island... just as He cares for you. Pop is also surrounded by people and family that love him including Steven and his children and Dolores's children...they love Pop and they are caring for him and He is well momma. Pop loves Jesus and he loves you and you both are under Gods watchful eye and covered by His precious blood and His tender mercies are extended to both of you for all of eternity. He is a good Savior and He will not let go of you....hold onto Him momma and let Him love you and comfort you. During this uncertain time when no one else can bring peace and comfort...lean on Jesus.... stay at the foot of His cross....and remember momma... what does God require of you do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Your God.

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